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    Slow Computer - Disable Unnecessary Processes In Windows


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    Slow Computer - Disable Unnecessary Processes In Windows

    Post by james234 on Sat Aug 28, 2010 9:54 am

    This is actually the next part of our guide regarding how to disable unnecessary services running within your Windows environment. In the event you did not read our first post, it mainly discussed the various Windows process library files and described a little more about them. Even though this article is actually not the same thing, it pertains to it, since it is additionally unnecessary processes running and using up your resources.

    At times, your pc efficiency could be weighed down and therefore result in your computer to run slow. We are now going to discuss with you methods to easily disable these services which might be using up RAM and CPU without the need.

    Not only can these services be the cause of a computer running slow, they can also be a security threat. Essentially, these exploits or risks tend to be files such as Malware, Trojans and key loggers hidden within your system. Remember not to download anything unless you're sure of what it is.

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