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    SEO Specialists Still Use Articles for Link Building


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    SEO Specialists Still Use Articles for Link Building

    Post by james234 on Sat Aug 28, 2010 9:52 am

    Distributing to article directories is really as critical a part of article marketing now, as it has ever been; but what's the best way of of implementing it? How must a website managed by a webmaster that may not have excelled English class in high school, use the power of words to generate a large number of visitors to their web page? Well, you can find a number of methods for using article distribution to build traffic, however the simplest is to address it as a straightforward exercise in SEO; generating relevant back links to your site from scratch simply by creating keyword-rich articles as well as submitting this to article directory sites using a link included.

    Nowadays you are able to outsource article writing, even article distribution fairly effectively without losing too much quality. Think of it as part of your marketing budget that may pay dividends. Content articles are available at rates which range from $4 to $16 per 400 words at online freelancing sites, with many writers submitting articles to article submission sites for you upon request. The more you pay the higher quality services you get, at the lower rates most writers are not native English speakers. An individual may or may not require articles that are enjoyable with regard to human eyes to read –

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